Belle Black
Martha Madison
Martha Madison as Belle Black
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by: Brianna & Chalice Fischett (1993-1995)
Brianna & Brittany McConnell (1995-1998)
Ashley & Kaylyn Messick (1998)
Chelsea Butler (1998-1999)
Kirsten Storms (1999-2004)
Charity Rahmer (2004)
Martha Madison (2004-2008 & 2015-)
Duration: 1993-2008 & 2015-
First appearance: October 21, 1993
Created by: James E. Reilly
Family: Alamain family
Evans family
Alias(es): Isabella Brady [1]
Gender: Female
Born: October 21, 1984
(originally October 21, 1993)
Occupation: Unknown
Residence: Salem
Parents: John Black
Marlena Evans
Siblings: Donald "D.J." Craig Jr.
(maternal half-brother, deceased)
Eric Brady II
(maternal half-brother)
Samantha "Sami" Brady
(maternal half-sister)
Brady Black
(paternal half-brother)
Paul Narita
(paternal half-brother)
Marital status: Shawn-Douglas "Shawn" Brady
(married) [11/2007-]
Past marriage(s): Philip Kiriakis
(divorced) [2005-2007]
Children: Claire Brady
(daughter, with Shawn)
Unnamed child
(with Shawn, via artificial insemination, deceased)
Grandparents: Unknown man
(paternal biological grandfather, deceased)
Unknown woman
(paternal biological grandmother, deceased)
Leopold Alamain
(paternal adoptive grandfather, deceased)
Philomena Alamain
(paternal adoptive grandmother, deceased)
Frank Evans
(maternal grandfather)
Martha Evans
(maternal grandmother)
Aunts & uncles: Lawrence Alamain
(paternal adoptive uncle, deceased)
Samantha Evans
(maternal aunt, deceased)
Nieces & nephews: William "Will" Horton III
(nephew, deceased)
John "Johnny" DiMera
Alice "Allie" Horton
Sydney DiMera
Tate Black
Arianna Horton
Cousins: Nicholas Alamain
(paternal adoptive cousin)
Romances: Shawn-Douglas "Shawn" Brady
Shawn-Douglas "Shawn" Brady
Philip Kiriakis
Shawn-Douglas "Shawn" Brady
(affair/one night stand)
Shawn-Douglas "Shawn" Brady
Philip Kiriakis

(affair/one night stand)

Isabella "Belle" Black Brady (formerly Kiriakis) is a fictional character on the NBC daytime soap opera Days of our Lives.

Actress History:Edit

  • Brianna & Chalice Fischette (10/1993-12/1994; recurring)
  • Brianna & Brittany McConnell (02/1995-03/1998; recurring)
  • Ashlyn & Kaylyn Messick (03/1998-09/1998; recurring)
  • Chelsea Butler (08/1998-07/1999; recurring)
  • Kirsten Storm (08/1999-07/2004)
  • Charity Rahmer (07/2004-08/2004)
  • Martha Madison (08/2004-03/2008 & 11/2015-present)

Character History:Edit


  1. When believed to be Roman Brady's child.