Julie Olson
Susan Seaforth Hayes
Susan Seaforth Hayes as Julie Olson
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by: Charla Doherty
Catherine Dunn
Catherine Ferrar
Susan Seaforth Hayes
(1968-1984, 1990-1993 & 1994-)
Duration: 1965-1984, 1990-1993 & 1994-
First appearance: November 8, 1965
Created by: Peggy Phillips
Kenneth Rosen
Family: Horton family
Gender: Female
Occupation: Unemployed/Retired
Residence: Salem
Parents: Benjamin "Ben" Olson
(father, deceased)
Adelaide "Addie" Horton
(mother, deceased)
Siblings: Steven Olson
Hope Williams
(maternal half-sister)
Marital status: Douglas "Doug" Williams
(married) [01/1994-]
Past marriage(s): Scott Banning I
(dissolved) [1969-1973]
Robert "Bob" Anderson Sr.
(divorced, deceased) [1974-1976]
Douglas "Doug" Williams
(divorced) [1976-1979]
Douglas "Doug" Williams
(divorced) [1981-1986]
Children: David Banning
(son, with David) {given up for adoption}
Robert Anderson Jr.
(son, with Bob, deceased)
Hope Williams
Douglas LeCleir
Grandchildren: Scott "Scotty" Banning II
(grandson, via David)
Grandparents: Thomas "Tom" Horton Sr.
(maternal grandfather, deceased)
Alice Grayson
(maternal grandmother, deceased)
Aunts & uncles: Thomas "Tommy" Horton Jr.
(maternal uncle)
Michael "Mickey" Horton I
(maternal uncle, deceased)
William "Bill" Horton II
(maternal uncle)
Marie Horton
(maternal aunt)
Nieces & nephews: Spencer Olson
Shawn-Douglas "Shawn" Brady
Beauregard "Zack" Brady II
(nephew, deceased)
Ciara Brady
Claire Brady
Cousins: Sandy Horton
(maternal cousin)
Melissa Horton
(maternal adopted cousin)
Janice Barnes
(maternal foster cousin, deceased)
Sarah Horton
(maternal adopted cousin)
Michael "Mike" Horton II
(maternal cousin)
Jennifer Horton
(maternal cousin)
Lucas Horton
(maternal cousin)
Jessica Blake
(maternal cousin)
Other relatives: Nathan Horton
(maternal adopted first cousin once removed)
Jeremy Horton
(maternal first cousin once removed)
Abigail "Abby" Deveraux
(maternal first cousin once removed)
Jack "J.J." Deveraux Jr.
(maternal first cousin once removed)
William "Will" Horton III
(maternal first cousin once removed)
Alice "Allie" Horton
(maternal first cousin once removed)
Nicholas "Nick" Fallon
(maternal first cousin once removed)
Arianna Horton
(maternal second cousin)
Romances: David Martin
(dated/engaged, deceased)
David Martin
(affair/lovers, deceased)
Donald "Don" Craig Sr.
Douglas "Doug" Williams
(affair/one night stand/dated/engaged)
Lawrence "Larry" Atwood
(he raped her, deceased)
Jordon Barr
Victor Kiriakis I
Kurt Randall
Charles "Chip" Lakin

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